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Welcome to my official website! 

This  site is still under construction, but soon you will be able to find ALL of my videos here! Very old projects, unfinished BETAS, secret videos which were never released and much more will be uploaded on this site. Feel free to watch, download and give me some feedback! ^__^


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Update 16th April 2011


  • Since I was offline for a very long time, it will take much longer until this website will come to life. Today I added "Sacrifice" to the Video Projects Section, which was requested by WickedKiss. She was the host of a contest called "Child Of Nephilim" and the video was my entry for the final round of this wonderful challenge! I'm gonna add the description later.
  • The description of Beauty In The Breakdown was updated.

Update 21st January 2011


Update 19th January 2011


The page finally went online! Sections have been created, a layout was made and a pretty header image is visible now.

MinasPassion - Official YouTube Channel
MinasPassion - Official YouTube Channel

Here you can visit my YouTube Channel. I'm usually kinda slow at replying to comments, but I always read them and I'm happy about every single comment that you guys leave! The support and feedback that I get on YouTube has always given me a lot of motivation and I'm very thankfull that I met so many great persons there!