I'm Vidding It ! - Promo 2009

This was the first promotion I made for the website in December 2009. The video was re-upload on the I'mViddingIt Channel. I remember it was kinda rushed because I wanted to upload the video at christmas time and I usually don't have much freetime at christmas holidays. I was surprised, because it got so many views even though the video is nothing special. The message behind this was more important anyway and I was very happy to see that people still read descriptions! ^__^

- HALO Wars
- Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core
- Final Fantasy VII Advent Children (Complete)
- Final Fantasy X
- Final Fantasy XIII
- Final Fantasy XIII Versus
- To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
- Linage Trailer
- Tinker Bell

- I Will Love You Monday by Aura Dione

- Sony Vegas Pro 8
- Particle Illusion

MinasPassion - Official YouTube Channel
MinasPassion - Official YouTube Channel

Here you can visit my YouTube Channel. I'm usually kinda slow at replying to comments, but I always read them and I'm happy about every single comment that you guys leave! The support and feedback that I get on YouTube has always given me a lot of motivation and I'm very thankfull that I met so many great persons there!