A Date With Destiny

A Date With Destiny Screenshots
A Date With Destiny Screenshots

This video was made for the "My Other Reality" Contest hosted by Clover27. It was uploaded in August, 2009 and is still of one the best videos I ever made. A lot of effort and passion flew into this. Even if it's old, I still remember how much time I spent for this project and how much pain it took sometimes. When I started it, I planned to make a sequel for this video, but I never had enough time and motivation to really realize this idea.

I'm very proud of this video and even though I never saw any results for the contest, I was happy to participate because it gave me so much inspiration! ^__^


- Black Cat

- Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core

- Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete


- Somewhere I Belong by Yuki Kajiura 

- Konoyo no Uta by Iwasaki Taku 


- Sony Vegas 7

- Particle Illusion 3

- MAGIX Video Deluxe 15

- Adobe Photoshop 3


- Several audio effects which I don't remember (door opens, foot steps etc.)

- Voice Overs taken from Final Fantasy and Black Cat

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    Centrifugal Juicer (Samstag, 13 April 2013 21:46)

    I shared this upon Myspace! My pals will really enjoy it!

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