Beauty In The Breakdown

"SoYouThinkYouCanVid is a competition,the first, formatted in a series of challenges in which vidders compete to be named Vidder of The Year. This competition was made for vidders to interact, learn through each other and to have fun."


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Beauty In The Breakdown Screenshots
Beauty In The Breakdown Screenshots

SYTYCV - Semi Finals - Group 4


The pariticipants were split into groups and assigned a certain song. This song was really a difficult challenge for me, but I gave my best to do well in this round. It probably was the first and only time I made a video about Cloud "moving on".

I tried to focus on flow and effects, which was something new to me. Even though I made it to the next round, I had to drop out after this challenge and I was really sad about that fact. 

Link: Beauty In The Breakdown

Characters: Cloud, Aerith, Tifa and Zack

Pairing: -

Story: Implied Cloud moving on from the past blablah....



- Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core

- Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete


- Let Go - Frou Frou


- Sony Vegas 7

- Particle Illusion 3

- MAGIX Video Deluxe 15

- Adobe Photoshop 3


- Voice Overs taken from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete & Crisis Core


MinasPassion - Official YouTube Channel
MinasPassion - Official YouTube Channel

Here you can visit my YouTube Channel. I'm usually kinda slow at replying to comments, but I always read them and I'm happy about every single comment that you guys leave! The support and feedback that I get on YouTube has always given me a lot of motivation and I'm very thankfull that I met so many great persons there!