LifeDreams Scrrenshots
LifeDreams Scrrenshots

"LifeDreams" is a series about the FF VII Love Triangle I created.... looong ago :) It's still unfinished and only 3 chapters were uploaded on my MeLinasPassion account. 

I will not re-upload these videos until I have finished the final part. For now, you can only download these videos in a very low resolution. Within the last months, many people asked me if I would continue and re-upload this series. I can say for sure, whenever I have inspiration, I work on this project and I do plan to finish it some day. However I have no idea when this might happen.


Characters: Cloud, Aerith, Tifa

Pairing: Cloud x Aerith

Story: Coming soon.


Detailed information about the videos will be posted later. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

LifeDreams - Teaser

Length: 00:52
File: MP4
Size: 3.9 MB

LifeDreams Chapter 1 - Haunted

Length: 03:56
File: MP4
Size: 17.4 MB

LifeDreams Chapter 2 - Cloud & Tifa

Length: 03:00
File: MP4
Size: 13.1 MB

LifeDreams Chapter 3 - Feelings Of Guilt

Length: 02:50
File: MP4
Size: 20.6 MB

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